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How to Select the Best Grease Trap

A grease trap is very crucial to trap in solid and fats and allow water to pass through the drainage system properly. Here are tips to help you choose the right grease trap.

When choosing a commercial grease trap, it is crucial to consider where it will be installed. If it is a kitchen setting, you want a grease trap that will be close to the kitchen pot wash. Make accurate calculations of the length, height and width of your sink to establish the right grease trap for you.

When choosing a grease trap, consider the type of material it is made of. A good option is a stainless trap that is durable and will not require regular replacement.

Size is another important consideration when you are looking for your commercial grease trap. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of getting a large or small grease trap before deciding what is suitable for you. Although small grease traps are affordable and take less space, they can cause slow drainage because it takes time for grease to separate. Large traps are mostly located outside to prevent bad odor and they are more efficient for grease separation.

Another useful tip is to shop around first and consider buying your device form a reputable company. Look for a store that specializes in providing trap equipment for commercial businesses. Besides, you want a company that has knowledgeable and professional staff to guide you in making the appropriate selection. The dealer should provide you with a wide range of commercial grease traps ranging from automatic and manual. Lastly, it is important to compare the price to ensure that it meets your budgetary requirements.

When it comes to grease traps, connection is very crucial, hence, make sure that you select the right installation company. If the trap is poorly installed, it will be difficult to clean resulting to a bad odor and cause damage to the pipes. A good installation company should have a team of experts who can install a new grease trap or replace an outdated one.

Finally, you want to consider the maintenance of the equipment before you make any buying decisions. There are several grease traps available that are easy to clean and do not regular emptying as this could result to disruptions in your business. Poorly maintained traps could result to odor and blockage which is not good for business. Make sure you look a cleaning company that is licensed to do regular cleaning and maintenance for your grease trap.