Add Warmth and Character to Your Home with Wood Walls

Wood is a material that naturally brings a warming and calming feeling when installed in a home. The problem with most of the wood that is used within homes is that it is typically covered up by something else. While taking on a wood flooring project might be a bit much for most do-it-yourself people, putting up wood walls is something that is very doable. Wooden walls can add character and a uniqueness to any room in any home.

Wood Pallet Walls

There are many projects that can be done around the home with wood pallets, and putting up a wood wall is one of them. Finding pallets is the first step, and that can happen in a variety of ways. Many schools, small businesses, or distribution centers will give people pallets if they just ask. Some big-box retail stores will also sell them, as will other stores. Some stores will even sell them already broken down at a very reasonable price. Pallets just need to be sanded and stained before being ready to put up. They create a wonderful look due to the width and uniform structure of the boards.

Reclaimed Wood

Another option for changing the look of a home is using reclaimed wood. This wood can be found at any local salvage yard, but it may take some real digging to find the right mix of pieces. Unlike the pallet wall, this type of wall would not be uniform. The pieces of wood are going to be different widths, different colors, and come from different materials. While the prep work on this project might be more, the look of a reclaimed wood wall will be one of a kind.

Raw Branches and Limbs

For the truly unique wood wall look, a branch and limb project is the way to go. For this type of wall, the ends of birch poles can be sliced to create small, circular pieces. These pieces are attached to the wall in a variety of patterns. One tip for this project is to paint the wall a darker color before starting to hide the gaps that will naturally occur. Wood walls bring a certain warmth and character to a home that no other material can. Most projects are do-it-yourself and can be done on a very limited budget.