Why Should Consumers Purchase Berkey Products?

Water filtration systems aren’t all made the same, some products offer a more extraordinary design. Stainless steel filtration systems won’t rust or fail the consumers. With the right number of elements, the systems remove common substances that are toxic and lead to disease development. Retailers present the berkey filters and the top of the line features the products provide consumers.

What is the Flow Rate?

The water filtration systems provide a configuration that offers between three and seven gallons of water each hour. The filters are installed in the upper or lower chamber depending on the model chosen.

Is It for Home Only?

No, the water filtration system works well with home tap water and water pulled from lakes and springs. It works with treated or untreated water and gives the consumers more versatility. The consumers use it when they travel and camp out. It is equally beneficial when consumers travel to foreign countries and need immediate filtration for safer drinking water.

What Type of Substances Does It Remove?

The water filtration systems remove cysts, parasites, and viruses in addition to four PF-2 fluorides and carcinogenic bacteria. The product filters out radon 222, herbicides, and pesticides. Consumers see a real reduction in heavy metals and nitrates including but not limited to mercury and lead. Any substances that are harmful to the body are removed, and consumers see a major improvement in their overall health.

What Accessories are Available for the Products?

The consumers aren’t limited to just filtration for drinking water. The manufacturer offers shower filters to prevent contamination through the skin. The systems connect directly to the shower installation and allow for attachments such as massaging showerhead products.

To use with their filtration systems, they have access to sports bottles. The additional accessories include wire stands, parts kits, primers, new spigots, and extra fluoride filters.

Superior water filtration systems give consumers the ultimate solution for producing cleaner water. The products remove all unwanted substances and lower the risk of cancer due to exposure. The filtration systems offer filtration for the home and during travels. Consumers who want to review the products further contact their preferred retailer now.