Wear Slip-On Shoes to an Idaho Falls Mattress Store

There is an excellent reason for wearing slip-on shoes to an idaho falls mattress store, especially one with a huge showroom. The best way to test a mattress is to lie on it. Kick off the shoes, get comfortable, and shift around to different sleep positions. Manufacturers expect customers to get on the mattresses, which is why there is a cover on the bottom of each displayed mattress. Taking off shoes is helpful when shifting positions.

Encouraged in Some Stores

Customers are encouraged to try several beds in some stores opposed to others. Mattresses that are shoved close together make it difficult to get onto and off so most people will just sit on the edge and bounce on it a little. Other showrooms have plenty of room between displays so customers can easily try the mattress. People rely on comfortable sleep to be able to work and function during the day, so a hasty decision is unwise.

The staff behavior is another factor. If a representative follows you around, the chances are the comfort level with testing mattresses at length will be low. Experienced staff who let customers know they are available to answer any questions and then leave them alone provide the encouragement to take all the time needed. Selection assistance is offered, but not unsolicited.

Options Available

Offering one or two models from every major manufacturer may seem like a wide variety, but it ends up being the same type of mattress from each one. The most common, for example, is a pillow-top mattress and an adjustable one. Definitely check out some of those stores for comparison. It also makes sense to go to a store that carries several models from a high-quality manufacturer.

Needs may include a bed that is easily cleaned. Partners may require different firmness in the same bed, some people may want spring coils instead of modern memory foam. A wide range of mattress styles and constructions in one place will be more likely to suit individual needs and desires. Regardless of which stores are selected to shop for a bed, do not rush through the process. If uncomfortable slipping off those shoes and laying down at your leisure, go to another store.