Michelle Obama, Pepsi and Kraft Foods – Here’s to You, Your Courage and Your Leadership!

Obesity is a national crisis. Our seniors are Fat, our middle aged are Fat, our teenagers are Fat and so are our children AND they are getting Fatter! You have heard the statistics. Thankfully Michelle Obama, Pepsi, Kraft foods and others are taking the leadership in reducing the sugar, Fat and salt in their products. The old corporate, unspoken and un-admitted motto for many in the fast food industry was a silent war of them and us and them.

Supply “It” and they will eat “It” and drink “It”! So what if they will get Fatter and more unhealthy and even die from preventable lifestyle induced diseases that are in our power to stop. That is neither our responsibility nor our problem. They don’t care about their health; our shareholders care about our investments. So let our profits soar. We’ll even supersize it and thereby profit some more!

For years, there were the cola wars and the burger wars. There was more sugar for the younger Pepsi Generation. Get them when they are young. We’ll give them toys, collector items for their parent and playgrounds. For their value conscious parents, we’ll make it larger: extra size, extra Fat, salt and sugar.

Serve “It” and they will buy “It” and we will have customers for life. They will bring their kids and grandchildren too. Corporate was right: They did and they got Fat and Fatter, as butts and profits soared. We have ignored corporate greed and the public’s gluttony long enough. Excess is killing our people and bankrupting our society. It is time for change and time for our governmental and corporate leaders to help us, the common flock, DO something positive and permanent about what we eat and drink.

Pepsi is courageously facing the truth of errors past and willing to take the lead for a New Pepsi Generation. Bravo! So is Kraft. So is Michelle Obama. Bravo to you and to those others who will follow suit, to those others who will change what we produce and what we sell to ourselves and to future consumers. It has taken almost 50 years since Bob sang: “The times they are a changin!” – Bob Dylan

Finally there is a movement. There is New Leadership, New Rules, New Opportunities to address Wellness instead of creating and supporting illness for profit! Our leaders can only lead those who are willing to follow. This is no longer about power, profit and control. This is about our wellness, our lives, our children’s and the lives of generations to follow. Fat is Fat! Fat is also a metaphor for uncontrolled excess. We are bursting at our seams and it finally seems time to address wellness. We can’t afford to live this way any longer.